On the public discourse of polygamy and polyandry

Several weeks ago, I went to a lecture/discussion panel called “Muslim Feminist” at SOAS in London. This event was organised by the Malaysian Progressives United Kingdom. The topic of discussion was the compatibility of Islam and feminism – or at least the perception of its compatibility. Continue reading “On the public discourse of polygamy and polyandry”

On the expectation of “Asian” being synonymous to textbook smart

I like Maths. Maths can be quite fun. Shocking, I know. I find there’s an ease to it when you look at a question and you know exactly what they’re looking for and you know exactly what you’re supposed to do. There’s also the comfort that there will be right or wrong answers and whether or not my answers are correct will not be subjective to the person reading it. But for some reason us Asians liking maths (or sciences, particularly physics, or engineering etc) becomes something that eyes automatically roll at: “Oh of course, she’s Asian.” It’s suddenly as though another piece in the universe puzzle has fallen in the right place when people find out that us Asians like these subjects and/or want to pursue a career in these departments. Continue reading “On the expectation of “Asian” being synonymous to textbook smart”

International Women’s Day: A Tribute To The Women In My Life

With the celebration of international female icons today as well as shining light on the underprivileged women on this Earth, I’d like to take this opportunity to write a small tribute to the unacknowledged female heroes in my life. Continue reading “International Women’s Day: A Tribute To The Women In My Life”

A lesson I’m teaching myself about my body

I was standing in front of the mirror in my skinny jeans laughing internally at the irony that in these “skinny jeans” my thighs are ferociously large. It’s always been one of my biggest insecurities. At home, before I go out, I always ask my mum, “do my legs look big?” and then it often ends with me changing into genie pants and thinking, “if they can’t see my legs, they won’t know that they’re big”. This Christmas, as I was pulling up a leg of my genie pants, I decided that I was sick of always feeling this way. I made it one of my New Year’s Resolution that by the end of this year, I will be confident with my body because, quite frankly, no one cares about the size of my thighs – except me. There have been several hiccups since then, but I’m working on it. The thing is, I see people incredibly toned (basically muscle and bone) and a small frame and I wonder why they look the way they do and why I look the way I do. I mean, fair, I’m not sticking to a strictly healthy diet – but what’s life without a few guilty indulges. Continue reading “A lesson I’m teaching myself about my body”

On being an Asian (80% give or take) fluent in English

When I was 12, my sister and I spent three weeks at a summer camp held in a Chinese university north of Beijing. The aim was for us to better our knowledge of the language and its application in everyday life. I can’t be certain whether my parents knew the camp was going to be filled with 17-20 year old Asian English students or not, but on the first day during orientation, my very young self and my even younger sister met our much older, soon-to-be classmates. Continue reading “On being an Asian (80% give or take) fluent in English”

A New Wave

After a long hiatus of exams, university applications, catching up on life and more importantly books, I feel armed with new ideas and new experiences to restart this platform of mine. Continue reading “A New Wave”

Featured post

Terrorism Has No Religion

13th November 2015 is a date that many will remember. It is a sad day for humanity; three cities were attacked by terrorist groups in one day. I stand in solidarity with the citizens of Beirut, Baghdad, Paris, and all of those who are victims of extremist attacks. However, there are many important points that need to be made in light of the situation. Continue reading “Terrorism Has No Religion”

Being A Woman

Is “are you letting her out dressed like that?”,
the double edged sword of
“prude” and “asking for it”; Continue reading “Being A Woman”

Outcry for Justice: Rape Is NOT A Punishment, It Is A Crime.

It’s kind of ironic a month before the celebration of Women’s Equality Day in the US, two sisters in India were sentenced to be gang-raped and then to parade naked around the streets with their faces blackened because their brother eloped with a married woman from a higher caste. Oh, and that we didn’t really hear anything about it.

What’s even more shocking is that one of the sisters is only 15-years-old. Continue reading “Outcry for Justice: Rape Is NOT A Punishment, It Is A Crime.”

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