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Scratching the Surface of the US Elections

Typical of a politics and international relations student, the hot topic in every single class was the US elections this week. Funnily enough, the topic for this week’s class and lectures was voting preferences and we discussed what factors had mattered in the US elections. Primarily talking about Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, otherwise known as the “blue collar states”, we were asked why they had voted Republican when, as most models had suggested, the vote would have been a democratic one on an individual level. Answers such as anti-establishment, nationalism, and valence came up and was swiftly followed by ‘post-materialist’ issues. Continue reading “Scratching the Surface of the US Elections”

On The Treatment Of Sportswomen

This past week, the disgusting story about what goes on in Mens football at Harvard has hit the news cycle and, of course, social media platform. In case it hasn’t reached your news feeds, here’s a brief summary: the Harvard Crimson student newspaper (read: “scouting report”) rated attractiveness of recruits on the women’s football team and mostly included sexually explicit descriptions without their knowledge. Disgusting.

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20th Constitution And Counting: What’s Good, Thailand?

Military coups have become a common occurrence in Thailand and despite being desensitized to having our government toppled every so often, it is at least still understood that a coup isn’t conventional, nor is it a sustainable way of life. We see these coups as either a “last resort” to end bloodshed in protests or a political means of strong-arming the will of the state to its knees. Either way, a coup is seen as a means to an end. Our hopes being that the end is a state run democratically, cleanly, and peacefully. Continue reading “20th Constitution And Counting: What’s Good, Thailand?”

On Euro ’16 And Its Supporters

It’s been several weeks since the Euro finals in Paris and I still can’t shake the small rush of adrenaline I get every I think about being in Stade de France amongst the supporters in that last match of the European Championships.

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On Orlando and Hate Crimes

Several days ago, we were shocked by the targeted shooting at Pulse in Orlando against the LGBTQ+ community. Not one year has passed since the US Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage across all 50 states, we are faced with the worst mass shooting in the United States targeting the same people that the Supreme Court had hoped to give an equal footing to. The hashtag “#PrayForOrlando” took social media by storm, with Facebook creating a profile picture edit “we are Orlando”.

But what does this actually achieve? Thousands of people are quick to change their profile pictures, to use the hashtags, to send their thoughts and prayers to the families and loved ones of the victims. But what does that actually achieve? Continue reading “On Orlando and Hate Crimes”

On the fear of violence from the perspective of an 18 year old girl

Content warning: mentions of violence against women Continue reading “On the fear of violence from the perspective of an 18 year old girl”

On reputations, boys, and difficult realisations

So it’s come to my attention that I’ve got a bit of a ‘reputation’ in certain circles and it’s not something I’m proud of. Something along the lines of going through guys faster than a broken-hearted girl goes through a box of kleenex. There’s this sexual connotation towards that impression, that simply because I’m constantly surrounded by guys, there is something going on between me and said person. Two people of the opposite gender can be just friends. But that’s an entirely different can of worms and we’re not going there just yet. Continue reading “On reputations, boys, and difficult realisations”

On the illusion of equality

On the 27th of February, I attended a lecture at LSE on “The Ideas of Equality: Feminisms of the 21st Century”. I was privileged to hear a panel of four different speakers: two of whom left a big impression on me. Many of the subjects that were touched upon resonated deeply with me. I hope to write on some of those themes later on but primarily, I want to discuss a topic that was brought up: the illusion of equality.

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On being the only girl at a party

It’s 3AM and I’m surrounded by 6-7 guys reaching for the 6th beer to re-juice now that they can feel the effects of their previous can wearing off. How I got myself in a situation where I’ve become the only girl left in a house party I’ll never know. But here I was, desperately calling up every girl who’s still awake at this godforsaken time to come rescue me; to either take me away with her or at the very least come keep me company. Never before had I felt so, so alone.

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