A New Wave

After a long hiatus of exams, university applications, catching up on life and more importantly books, I feel armed with new ideas and new experiences to restart this platform of mine.

Reflecting on the past year or so, I’ve primarily focused on gender issues and racial issues as a third party observer attempting a fair but opinionated voice. A voice that attempts to get involved and invested without having experiencing anything that I’ve written. A voice that hoped to report and expose some of the international injustices that often get far less attention than it deserved. A voice that has only the most basic bond with the victimised groups – being a woman and an ethnic minority. I don’t think this is fair. What do I know? I can only report what has elsewhere been written. I can only extend my sympathies and cry for attention and immediate action in attitudes. I can only cry awareness and solidarity.

To be honest with you, I don’t think these posts will stop because how strongly some of these events have affected me and undoubtedly how future events will affect me, but I believe they will fewer and farther in between. I had hoped to report and offer my own opinion or my own version of a solution; the latter being a very ambitious task. I don’t think I have the right to write about such things.

What I do have a right to write (pun very much intended) about is my own experiences, my observations, and my interpretations. This will hopefully be what I’d like to call a new wave. A new wave of posts that shares my experiences and thoughts on being Asian, being a woman, being a student, a millennial, a foreigner, a multicultural human being stranded between such cultures. A new wave of posts that unapologetically reflect my thoughts and my interpretations of my experiences. A new wave that will hopefully play out to be a journey of my growth and realisations through the mistakes and victories I make in these stories of mine. I hope that through this, I can share with you all some of the many things that I may not have had the chance or the courage to say in real life, to share some of the experiences that only people like me can understand and people not like me never really thought about, and to find some common ground.
Here’s to the start of a new wave of stories.


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