Is the growing consumption of pornography playing a helping hand in normalising gender inequality?

Become Conscious

If every woman were to be given a penny for every time they had been told that they shouldn’t be bothered by the derogatory images of women in pornography because “they want to do it”, we would all be in Bora Bora drinking cocktails. It’s not really the women’s willingness to perform this job that is unsettling; the incentives are pretty transparent as the porn industry continues to be the one of the only professions where women are paid ridiculously more money than men (Mollmann, 2012). It’s the narrative that portrays the story of women in subordinate roles, wrapped up as Christmas presents with their legs open on one page, while stating how “It’s great to be a man!” at the same time in the magazine tagline as acceptable ( that concerns us. It’s the narrative that shows teenagers that women being verbally or physically abused while they perform lewd…

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