Boys Attitudes Towards Feminism: Twitter and the ‘Meninist’ Account

Real Issues

My experience as a male supporter of Feminism is that men, but particularly teenage boys, seem to spend a lot of time on Twitter denying the need for feminism and spewing pretty nonsensical, ignorant arguments against it. This popular pastime has given rise to an account called ‘Meninist’ which describes itself as a parody of a men’s rights advocate and essentially anti-feminist (the idea being that men suffer too but don’t complain.ha.)

A good example of men/boys like this is a guy I know who hates feminism and feminists (pretends im exaggerating when girls are around though.ha.) and constantly stays firm to the idea that they are just moaning. For example he doesn’t think there’s a problem with body image in the media. Despite this he continually refers to women as ho’s, bitches, sluts, or my favourite ‘cock hungry hormonal sluts’. Hmmm…

The arguments I have seen made by boys…

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