Here’s the Thing about Feminism

Nonsense & Shenanigans

A lot of you seem to be quite confused about what feminism is. So I’ll just say this right now — feminism is not extremism.

feminism is for everyonePhoto credit: Phoenix Dark-Knight / Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) (Cropped)

Feminism isn’t about getting mad that there are pink Legos. Pink Legos are awesome. Feminism is about getting mad that pink Legos are marketed to girls while superhero Legos are marketed to boys because what if my boy wants to play with pink or my girl wants to play with superheroes? Feminism is about marketing toys to kids.

Feminism isn’t about telling girls not to like princesses and makeup and dresses. It’s about giving them options to like dragons and camouflage and slingshots as well. It’s about letting them make their own choices, which is nearly impossible if the toys marketed to them are only princesses and makeup and dresses. Feminism…

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